You Really Should Know About: The Ten

There are some things on the internet that should not be kept a secret and one of them is The Ten, which is a gallery out of Atlanta curated by Jennifer Schwartz that works around one number…10. The Ten carries one Fine Art Photographer every month that they release on the 10th of every month. There are only 10 prints in the collection and only 25 are printed. They are available in one size, one time, and only at The Ten. 

Many times I believe people discount the art of photography if it doesn’t include people they are familiar with, but Fine Art Photography can be just as powerful as any form of art on your wall. In particular the current series on The Ten focuses on the nostalgia of the south. If you have ever been in the deep south or seen Oh Brother Where Art Thou you may be reminded of the raw nature of life in these parts. It is beautiful and powerful to say the least. You can almost hear the cicadas and see the dust roll off the roads into the windows. 

So go ahead and wander through The Ten’s shop, follow them on twitter to keep up with the latest artist, and find them on Facebook as well. 

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