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Blog Survey - Plus! Win a $50 Madewell gift card  |  The Fresh Exchange

So we developing some new ideas for The Fresh Exchange and as we do that we want to take you all in to consideration. This means that we want to hear from you. We want to know all about why you love (or maybe hate) The Fresh Exchange and what you shook your head at and what you were completely in love with. We want to know all the nitty gritty about what you wish we talked more about and what you wish we didn’t.

But this is not one sided, because we love you all and your support so much we wanted to reward at least one of you. We decided that since I am a big believer in quality basics we would give away a $50 gift card to Madewell to help you all add a really great everyday item to your wardrobe! Our hope is that that makes this whole survey thing a little less painful…here’s hoping!

If you want to fill out the survey (it would be awesome to have you do it!) then head on over here. The survey can take 8 – 10 minutes on the quick side, but like I said we really want to hear your thoughts so feel free to take a few more minutes than that!! We want to continue growing an inspiring and inviting space for you all to find what you love about The Fresh Exchange becoming better everyday. Once you have filled it out place a comment below and tell let us know you filled it out so we can place you in the drawing for that $50 to Madewell. The winner will be announced next Thursday so you have all week to enter!

Thank you! Thank you! You all are wonderful and mean so much to us! Excited to hear all of your thoughts!


Image by the crazy talented Michael Newsted. Type was hand lettered by Megan. 

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  1. I took the survey for you! It made me realize how inspired I am by your talents for photography, branding and authentic content. I truly appreciate you sharing your talents.

  2. Wonderful survey. I don’t often post or get involved with the blogs I read, but I love the earthiness & honesty of The Fresh Exchange so much that I couldn’t pass this one up. Sorry for getting a bit wordy 😉

  3. i just took your survey. i really think the important thing is to keep being you…between your work together, travels, adventure, nature, etc…that has me coming back for more!

  4. Survey done! Really interesting questions that made me realize exactly why I’m such an avid blog reader! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  5. How funny! I have recently started my own blog (well, it’s not launched yet, but I’m working on it!)
    I’ve been thinking over and over on comments. I don’t want it to be a place people just write a line like “Great post! Follow me” and link to their own blog. I want it to be a community and a place where readers have more value added to the post through comments. As a person that loves reading comments (I like discussing, seeing other peoples interpretations, etc.) I always get disappointed when a post has a large amount of comments, but none of them add value.
    Then I thought of the blogs that inspired me to comment and why the post did (I have actually never commented before >.

  6. I completed the survey. I appreciate your honesty throughout the blog, so thank you for allowing me the opportunity to provide honest feedback!

  7. Thank you for a chance to leave feedback and comments. I took your survey and was surprised by the depth of the questions. It made me stop and think about my answers before I wrote them.

  8. Just took the survey, and I’m very happy to contribute my opinion! I love your blog & brand. You guys are very consistent and have a beautiful thing going here. Keep up the wonderful work!

  9. Was happy to have a chance to complete your survey and share how much I have enjoyed following your blog! Love your authentic content, honesty about life, perspective on creativity and exploration & your hand lettering! Look forward to all the content you continue to produce and in-turn share with all of us, your followers!

  10. I took the survey. So glad I stumbled upon your blog! I LOVE the depth and humaness you bring to the world of blogging, business, and branding!!

  11. Just filled out the survey! Such a gutsy move to ask for feedback like that… although I guess as designers you are probably pretty used to taking feedback and deciding what to keep what what to throw away. I’m looking forward to seeing what changes come of your discoveries!