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Warby Parker: Home Try on | The Fresh Exchnge

It’s been three years, four home try-ons, and a broken pair of glasses to get to us to this point. Both Megan and I are finally ready to choose a pair of Warby Parker glasses, or two. I’d imagine by this point, most of you know the name Warby Parker. If you haven’t heard of Warby Parker let me be the one to make your day. WP has a great stock of hip optical and sunglasses, with a set price of $95 per optical frames. Plus as a bonus they do a 1-for-1 deal where your purchase a pair of glasses and they will also include a free pair for someone in need. To top all of this goodness off, they will actually send you a 5 pack of frames you select to try out at home, for five days, for free. Serious, does it get better? Well, maybe considering their frames are super hip and fun.

Megan and I finally committed that this time would be the time we finally choose a pair. Megan’s eyes have finally gotten to a point where glasses when she works are necessary and mine…well I am basically blind, so I am long overdue for an update. We got our home try-ons from Warby Parker and now want to share the experience with you. We want your help in choosing which pair we will be rocking for a while.

Warby Parker: Home Try on | The Fresh Exchnge

So we got our try-on kits and have put together this post to help y’all choose the right ones for us. The hardest part is not necessarily ordering or receiving your Warbys but trying to pick which pair you’ll order. I usually spend a day wearing each of the frames and use a complex algorithm of the overall personal appeal x number of compliments received x comfort = winner. It’s a solid method, unfortunately it has just left me in love with every frame I try. So, we have decided it is time to try a new method and let the voice of the people decide. We need you to help us pick.

Leave a comment below letting us know what frame you would pick for us, and be nice this is a very emotional decision 🙂

WarbWarby Parker: Home Try on | The Fresh Exchngey Parker: Home Try on | The Fresh ExchngeMegan is already leaning toward either my Chamberlins or the Nash for herself and I am leaning more toward the Begley or Edgeworth in Greystone. We know this decision is not easy, so to make this post a little less difficult we decided it was only appropriate to share Tucker in his own pair. Doesn’t he look smart? Nothing like a dog in glasses to ease the edge off serious decisions in life.

Warby Parker: Home Try on | The Fresh Exchnge

Also, don’t miss the video. Nothing crazy, but we thought it would fun to show the glasses in action as well.

We hope you guys are enjoying your holiday break and are spending some time with those you love. We will be posting our #wildweekend from New Orleans soon. Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know what you would pick!

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  1. Why hello, Mike & Megan! Glad to see you’re giving WP a test-drive. I actually just got my own pair (Wilkie in Whiskey Tortoise) last week! I’m going to have to agree with Megan on both counts–Nash for her and Chamberlin for him. I’ll admit, they do look a tad similar. If you feel that’s the case, i feel like the Sinclaire also suits Megan’s face. Good luck!

  2. ah, I love warby (and used to work for them).

    Out of this bunch, I would say Sinclair for Megan + and it’s a tie between the Chamberlain + Edgeworth (Sage) for Mike. Though I would be curious to see that sage color in some sunshine.

    This might totally throw you off, but if you’re willing to do one more home try on, I think Megan should try the Ainsworth in walnut tortoise, and Mike, I think you should try the Nash in greystone + the Percey in charcoal fade.

    Good luck!

  3. I like #1 for both of you, the colors are spot on.
    Personally I have a pair of Warby’s called Wilkie, I was very impressed when I received them in the mail- you will want a couple pairs! Enjoy

  4. Megan | the lyles are so good to you. Love the color with your tone AND I also like the shape of the Nash for you too. I am confident that you will rock whatever you choose!

    Mike | Megan is right. The chamberlin is winning! Fun!

  5. I like the Sinclair or Nash for Megan and Edgeworth or Begley for Mike. I’m so glad a company like WP is around to save us from expensive and boring glasses.

  6. Nash or Lyle for Megan. Nash’s shape works so well for her, and the color of Lyle is perfect. For Mike, definitely edgeworth in whiskey tortoise, and if anything, the other edgeworth. These glasses are awesome and make me wish I wore glasses

  7. Downing or Lyle for Megan because they are a little more subtle and go better with skin tone and hair. And begley for Mike… all around winner. Good luck!! Whatever you end up picking will look awesome either way!!