Wants for Sale

I am always having friends come to me with some nifty awesome things they see online or hear about knowing I will share and discuss them on the blog. I think this may be one of my favorites to date. 

I was pointed over to Wants for Sale where a couple came up with the idea to create a painting of the item they want and sell it for the cost of the actual item. So for instance if they want a Snuggie, which is one of the paintings, they paint a person in a Snuggie like in the commercial and sell it for $28.75. 

Not only that but they also do a site called Needs for Sale, which is the part I really like, they use this site to sell paintings where the cost of the painting goes to the charity they indicate. Pretty awesome in my mind. So head over and check it all out. 

But check out some of the ones sold side by side with their item they purchased. It is great for a good laugh on this Wednesday afternoon. 

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