Vintage Wedding Shoot

I have been so excited to share this photo shoot with all of you! 

About three weeks ago a group of us local wedding vendors in Traverse City, Michigan were sitting over dinner and decided it would be a ton of fun to get together and do a vintage photo shoot in the snow before it melted. So this last Monday we all went out to Cherry Basket Farm and enjoyed the gorgeous 50 degree day. It was amazing to work along side such great talent and to see all this come together. 

The team of us that worked on this are Cory Weber Photography who shot the whole shoot with two shooters Cory Weber and Mike Gilger. Then A Day in May Events, Alicia Caldecott coordinated the whole shoot. We had the pleasure to work with Wendy Buhr-Dorman from Ella’s Vintage and Retro Apparel, which is an awesome local vintage store in Traverse. Shari from Grace Salon did all the hair design and makeup for the models. Hitch Design (that’s me) worked as Art Director for the shoot. Then Cammie and Andy from Epicure Catering provided us with a incredible warm meal after the long shoot and provided the gorgeous location at Cherry Basket Farm

As a graphic designer and business owner I don’t get tons of opportunities to get a day to be outside playing in a creative way and this was such a great way to be hands on with people who truly inspire me. It’s amazing what can happen when great creative minds find each other and come together with a common goal. Amazing!!

I plan on posting some behind the scenes photos of the shoot of our team working together. We had a ton of fun doing this and look forward to possibly doing other creative work with this team of people!

Make sure you head over to Cory’s blog to see his gorgeous edits to the photos. It is wonderful! 

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