Type Love

Being in the industry of designing a HUGE part of what I do is work with fonts, obviously. This means understanding fonts and type inside and out. I have to understand the mood a typeface is creating and how to combine fonts together to either be a good juxtaposition or work harmoniously with one another. Which at times can be a task all on its own. Most of designing stationary is not about the image as much as the text so I fall in love with fonts and look forward to finding projects that will fit that next font I have been dying to use. 

I believe English Majors and Art Majors would both agree that words are powerful but in two very different ways. I do not see a sentence in its structure but rather in the forms it creates. 90% of the time I never read a line I look at the way the letters are shaped and how they move together and flow as a unit. And if you know me well enough or read anything that I wrote you know I am not an English Major and will never claim to be so maybe it is good that I look at sentence in a whole different way. Ha. 

But today I wanted to pull together our lit buffs and our art buffs by pulling a piece of classic literature that has been recreated to be beautiful and capture the store without any pictures. The font alone captures the dark and playful story of Little Red Riding Hood. One of my favorite things to see is people translating a story through art in typography so I just had to post this one today. 

Type Theory had this featured on their blog. Make sure to check out more awesome type design there! All lettering was done by Lauren Kaiser.

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