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Birthday |  The Fresh Exchange

It is true all the rumors you have heard…it is my birthday today the 17th of January. I am excited and that is true as well, but there is a little bit of bittersweet excitement. Not only am I beginning my second quarter century but I am also ending one of the best years of my life. I know things are going to continually get better, but so much of me has loved being 25 in many many ways.

This time last year I was traveling across country to Salt Lake City to Alt Summit to attend my first blogging conferences. My life was about to change in ways I would have never dreamed. I had no idea what was in store for me writing that, and when I read back through I hear such a younger version of myself. It is strange, but amazing to see where I have come. That week of my birthday last year changed me from head to toe it felt. I grew. I dreamed bigger. I took hold. I made big changes.

Birthday |  The Fresh Exchange

As my 26th year is beginning I have felt this huge weight of adulthood come over me. Never before have I felt such an understanding of myself and what I am intended do. I feel such purpose with life. I thought this would be a search and discovery for the rest of my life. I know it will be a continually journey, but I feelΒ incrediblyΒ blessed to be turning 26 and know what I meant to do and to feel completely fulfilled by it.

Traveling, failing a lot, succeeding a lot, blogging, investing in friends, and owning a business shape have deeply shaped me this year and brought to light so many things about myself I never knew. It makes me stronger, more understanding, more honest, and better at what I am meant to do in this life. I have always valued challenges and this year I see a lot of them ahead of me. I know this will be the year I truly reap what I have been working for. How do you know that, you ask? I am not sure but I can feel it. I get these senses about things.

Birthday |  The Fresh Exchange

So I am going to end with my goals. I accomplished so many last year and I think birthday should begin with a list of things that must happen. It freak me out to share these goals for so many reasons, but I have promised to be more open here and share things like this. I feel if they are down in words they are more likely to happen.

1. Buy a home

2. Redesign and launch the new face of Hitch. The place it is meant to be.

3. Take care of myself the best I can on every level.

4. Travel, travel, travel. See all I can.

5. Love better. Love deeper.

6. Learn to be more present.

7. Let go more. Stop worrying.

8. Create with more freedom. Stop placing boxes on what I produce.

9. Inspire. Inspire. Inspire. This is what inspires me.

10. Teach an actual class somehow someway. This has always been my passion.


Tonight I am not totally sure what is happening. Things are a complete surprise to me. I left the house as I was told I had to in order for plans to be made. I am excited! I love surprises and I have not had a good birthday party since college so I am looking forward to celebrating with those I love so much.

Follow my instagram for all the fun tonight if you want to pop champagne with me πŸ˜‰

Cheers to another beautiful, creative, and wild year of life!


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  1. happy birthday megan! i cannot believe you are 26 as i’d just assumed you were a bit older than me based on all your accomplishments and how stellar you are at what you do (i mean, maybe it was just a way of making myself feel better) and now i feel so ashamed that i don’t have my life anywhere near together as you at nearly the same age. boohoo to me, but a very big congratulations to you, you should be so proud of all you’ve reached. a happiest birthday to you!

    1. DO NOT FEEL ASHAMED! Please please! Everything happens and comes in life for a reason and it all happens at the times it is meant to. Any sooner or later would have thrown it all off πŸ˜‰ Keep going you can make it all happen. I promise!!!

  2. Megan you are darling. It was such a blessing getting you know you and learn from you this year. Just in those short months I saw you grow. πŸ™‚ 26 has big and wonderful things for you dear, I know you’ll live it well!

  3. Happy birthday! It’s crazy that you posted that a year ago! I can’t believe I’ve been following your blog for that long! Thanks for the awesome journey. Your blog is always a great place of inspiration for me πŸ™‚

  4. Megan!!! Happy Birthday! Loving your sparkly photo shoot…just perfect for birthdays and new years. And keep being real…my favorite posts are when you write raw and share your dreams. It helps me with mine and makes me realize there are other people out there who aim high too. And that’s just nice to know. πŸ™‚

    1. Awww Mary Beth thank you! That makes me feel good. Sometimes pouring your soul out online can feel a little too exposed so hearing this makes me know it had always been the right thing πŸ™‚

  5. Happy slightly belated birthday! You’re two months and ten days older than me – and I hadn’t even considered the fact that I’ve finished the first quarter-century of my life. I suddenly feel like my blogging project of “figuring out this whole ‘adulthood’ thing” is so much more important than I thought, because I feel a little older now! Haha…

  6. Happy Birthday Megan! Your photos are just so so adorable. Also, I know exactly how you feel about leaving 25 behind. It’s been such a great year for me too and turning 26 in April does seem like a big milestone. You’re making me excited for it though!

  7. first of all – happy belated!! secondly, as for your goals, i love them. i just went to a goal setting workshop and 2 things to think about. 1) write them in the present. (ie. I own a home, I teach classes) and 2) include dates, maybe you’ll surprise yourself and hit that goal before you actually planned. plus, i dont know about you – but if I’m not pressured by the stress of a deadline, it usually doesn’t happen. just some thoughts πŸ™‚

  8. Hope you had a nice birthday! It’s been wonderful seeing your blog and business grow this year!
    I started teaching an interior design class a couple years ago, and it has been fantastic. So refreshing! Hope you get to cross that one off your list soon.

    Cheers to 26!

  9. Happy 26th! I hate to break it to you though, if you are 26, you are entering your 27th year. But still, 26 is so young. You still have so much ahead of you!

  10. Happy Birthday! I turn 22 this year and I also feel strange getting older. My teenage years are no longer an arm’s reach away. I love making goals on birthdays, too, and one thing I have learned about goal-setting that I have found to be really helpful is making them “measurable” to know if you have successfully completed a goal – it makes things more black and white. It has really helped me to define my goals on exactly what I want to accomplish. Best of wishes for your 26th year! You are truly an inspiration to me as a new blogger. Thank you!

  11. such a Lovely post! I can’t say 25 was quite as life changing for me…to be honest it was pretty tough. Lots of anxiety I am still trying to work through…but ALSO A LOT OF BRAVE CHANGES MADE ANDDDD i WENT TO MY DREAM LOCATION OF SANTORINI, gREECE AND HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE! hOPE YOU ACHIEVED YOUR GOALS, i SEE THIS WAS POSTED A FEW YEARS AGO