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No better words could sum up this week and the last few months of life. Discovering the confidence to trust your gut may be the hardest thing in the journey of becoming a great creative. I believe it is one we will all continually struggle with, but what I have found in learning to trust more is more happiness with my work, my thoughts, my ideas, and my business. Challenging myself to let go of the fears of second guessing what I know to be right and needing to fit a box has brought such ease and fulfillment to my daily work. Things feel simpler, more basic, and real. I don’t fake things anyways and am the worst liar so I have found in the last few months that by being more true to myself happiness and joy have naturally become more prevalent  I also have found our work has become better as well.

In my mind a great creative innovator is one who creates without consequence, dreams without boxes, and asks why to what already exists. If you are anything like me,  you want to create things that strike the world and challenge what exists, but this means you must let go of the walls that you feel confined to and find freedom with your own thoughts and ideas. It takes hours of time developing and refining taste and confidence, but the sooner you begin to trust your instincts as a creative, the sooner others will as well.

This weekend I challenge you all to think about how you will trust your gut more. Let go of fear and the no’s in your head and give your natural reactions as a creative some room to breathe. You may find that you will discover a confidence in yourself that you never knew existed.

Happy Weekend my friends! Remember trusting your gut does not apply when you have had more than 2 glasses of wine though…well maybe it does…it hasn’t failed me yet…more on that another day though.

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  1. Blogging is a funny business. On the one hand it’s total freedom to be “you” and on the other hand we are bombarded with everyone else’s “you” that it’s easy to second guess. To doubt. To judge every step by some imaginary audience out there.

    Here’s to trusting our guts and having a good glass of wine this weekend too.

  2. totally random but the other day i was working on a fun little type piece and it looks so similar to what you created up above, dynamic and geometric. it’s funny when people have similar yet different styles.
    alos, nice post, i agree on the trusting gut thing. it can be hard when you have pressure from yourself or the people surrounding you.

  3. This is a really powerful idea. It’s funny because I was just telling some of my classmates this morning that I think many creatives, especially those of us fairly new to the game, aren’t confident in creating something WE find visually pleasing. Instead, we get hung up in pleasing teachers, clients, and other designers. At some point we have to create for ourselves.

    I’ll definitely be thinking more on this idea this weekend.

  4. A great message, and I love the fact that you credit your parents with giving you such a strong inner recording! I have two children, and I would love to say that I have instilled the same in them, but I don’t think I honestly can. I struggle with this everyday… trying to follow my gut (or my heart, sometimes I get the two confused!) But also feeling such fear and responsibility. I hope my children see me challenging my fears, trying to tune into my gut, and living my creative life to the fullest possible. And hopefully they are better at doing so when they are adults!

  5. I recently dicovered your blog and as a creative myself am loving your posts. Especially the ones like this. Always great little reminders. I really enjoyed your post “Living creatively” (I think that was the title) with Jonathan Grant. Would be great to read more of those.

  6. I tend to be a people pleaser, so developing my own blog has been stretching for me. When half the feedback says they love it and half hate it, I know that I’ll only make half happy. So I try to copy other people who I know have been successful and end up not being myself which is just bad all around! So thanks for the reminder =)
    Tia –

  7. I LOVE THIS!!! This is just that struggle of learning who you really are and how you ARE creative and you AND make the right calls and last minute changes that make things better! It is a constant push and pull, knowing when you feel that feel in the pit of your stomach that you need to go with it! take the risk! it will be worth it!

    Thanks for sharing!