Topshop Makeup Packaging Design

Package Design


I am not a big makeup girl to begin with, but I am not about to say no to such adorable packaging as this. Normally my makeup routine consists of a good all natural moisturizer, masacara, a little eye-liner, soft pink dewy colored eye shadow, and a little cover up to hide dark circles from late night working. If just jumping out of bed I can have makeup done in less than 10 minutes really. No fuss here to be honest…unless there is a good reason to fuss 😉

What is your makeup routine? How long does it take you to get ready?

Lipstick  |  Eye Shadow  | Crayon  |  Eye shadow red

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  1. Nice find! This packaging is spot on; so clean & simple. My makeup routine is very minimal. I’ve come to realize the less makeup I have on, the more attractive I feel. I use some light foundation & concealer & sometimes a pop of lip color and BOOM. DONE.

  2. mine can take 5 to 20 minutes, depending on my mood/event I’m heading to. but: foundation, eye shadow, liner & mascara. I have a naturally rosy complexion, so no blush.

  3. I bought a bunch of this make up for the packaging alone, but it’s actually pretty nice make up! They have some fun lipstick shades.