The mister has been gone on business and I am pretty pumped for him to come home tomorrow. Mike is my best friend and whenever he is not around life always feels off balance a little as in no one is doing the dishes and I have a tendency to just eat avocados, cookies, and champagne ha. Though being away isn’t always fun it is always good in the end as I cannot wait to give him a hug and maybe even go on a little date. It always makes me appreciate him 10x more when he is away. I love that crazy man of mine.

Yeah for tomorrow and husband hugs!


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  1. My husband and I are rarely apart, but when we are, I find myself making ridiculous comments, singing bits of songs, laughing at things, and then I realize, ‘Oh wait, only Brent understands these inside jokes…and my cats definitely can’t speak english…’. Hooray for husband hugs! Have a fun date night.

  2. oh gosh, i know what you mean! the mister goes on business trips a lot too. it’s never fun during the night when you roll over to cuddle and no one is there.
    just stumbled across your blog and it is absolutely incredible! adore 🙂
    xo TJ