Tomboy Summer

Tomboy Summer Style | The Fresh Exchange

This Summer I have been kicking a pretty laid back feel. I have been craving simple, snarky, skater-esque looks that give a solid nod to the 70’s. There is something about that look in the Summer that just feels natural. Hoping this month of Summer holds strong and brings some great weather.

Here are some of my must haves for this simple everyday look.

1. Respect Tee from Zara, 2. Synonym Issue 2 from Need Supply, 3. Long Cutoffs from Gap (similar), 4. Classic Vans from Madewell, 5. Canvas Rucksack from Makr, 6. Wheeler Sunnies from Warby Parker, 7. Orion Necklace from Need Supply.

Get out in the sun and skin your knees up a little. Be more adventurous.

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  1. love that necklace! it’s simple and elegant, i reallllly want it now! + i also find the tomboy look a go-to look for summer. it just never seems to fail!

  2. Love this! So my style, too. And, although I complain about Florida more often than not, I will say that I am lucky to be able to keep this style pretty much all year round. Makes life simple.

  3. I agree, a tomboy’s nod the the 70s always seems summer appropriate. As do skinned knees. I’ve been wanting white tennis shoes lately, either low profile Vans or Chucks..they go with everything!