This Weekend

this weekend

Pink dress  |  Floor
Shoes  |  Popcorn  |  Seeds 

This week we have been away from home traveling for over a week around the state for work. I always forget how much love being home till I leave. I am someone who really loves being at home. Especially this time of year when I can begin to plan the garden and enjoy doing thing that really make me happy.

Since we won’t be home till Sunday. I plan to get to see Hunger Games. I really have been dying to see it!! I am not a movie goer but I read the books and haven’t been this excited about a movie since Harry Potter probably. Yeah I am a complete dork!

We hope to get to go dancing with friends this evening as well if the weather clears up for us to meet them. I can never say no to dancing ever! One of my favorite ways to spend a weekend.

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  1. I’m so excited about my balcony garden as well! I’ve fallen in love with planting and watching things grow. I’ve been wanting to go dancing too – I hope you manage to go this weekend. We’re by the phone and in front of the internet at the moment, monitoring the massive flooding in Fiji, our flight is on Sunday. Fingers crossed xoxox