This Weekend

This weekend is so needed. To be with such an inspiring group of ladies that are also very supportive is what this girl needed. We spent yesterday enjoying the sun and just catching up. To be bouncing ideas and asking questions in a non-competitive environment is what I love most about this community.

The rest of the weekend will be involving dinners together, laying by the pool, enjoying being together as a group, and a few Q&A sessions to get honest about things we all fear and struggle with as designers and bloggers.

I hope you all have awesome plans that involve refreshing yourself, creating, and preparing the next week to come.

Also make sure to check my instagram feed for all the images and happenings from my trip!

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  1. Your weekend sounds AMAZING! I hope you’ll share more about it when you get back! My parents are coming to visit and to celebrate my birthday little early. 🙂

  2. It was so great to meet you! I wish I could have chatted with you more! Love your cute little blog! And I love that it is FRESH!! haha!! You are so cool!
    xoxo Jane

    1. Oh my goodness I totally agree! I wish we had talked more. You and your family were so precious and I feel we would connect so well with your traveling and raising a family. I hope we have a chance to hang again sometime soon! You make me excited about the adventure of beginning a family in the next few years. So adorable!

      also thanks for thinking I am just OH so Fresh 😉