This is the dream

image via: The Year in Food  Type by me

Live simply.
Breathe deeply.
Stop thinking about tomorrow.
Take in the moment I am in.
Be the nice one.
Sleep in more.
Take more adventures.
Love genuinely.
Find a way to do whatever you do with passion.

Realize success is not about the things you obtain, the things you can brag about, or how much better you were. Instead it is about how you loved, lived, had passion for what you did in this life, and sacrificed to make life for others better.


Just some things that have been swimming in my head and I have been challenging myself with the last few weeks. This is just my little dream of how I want life and I am redefining success in my mind. How do you see success?




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  1. Hey Megan,
    I really like your style. You are a really good designer. I always look at your stuff for inspiration. I love the script font you use. What is it?

  2. This was so refreshing, thank you. We get caught up so easily in the task of the day that may put us one step closer to what we have been told is success. But the heart needs real true success of relationships, love, passion, adventures, good conversation, living, and making each other better people to have a chance of making this world a better place. Today I am going to be better. Thank you for the inspiration. I needed this today and in this season.

  3. I really like this. It’s nice to have a few reminders every once and a while on what the important things are.

    Cheers, Elizabeth @ The Corner Apartment