The West Is Dead

If you didn’t know I married a Texan a true born and raised Texas boy who enjoys shooting guns, drinking Jameson, smoking cigars, fishing, hunting, twangy deep south country music, and the idea he could possibly chop wood if he had the chance. Yes he is a designer and a killer one at that (I know I am biased but seriously believe me I will show you someday). He even spends the summer shooting weddings but that does not hinder is ultra manliness which drew me to him. I always secretly had a dream of marrying a southern boy. 

So of course when I came across this post on Miss Moss about The West is Dead‘s line of Jeans they are releasing this Spring I had to share with all of you and of course show my husband. Mike was in love with the beards, suspenders, and beards mostly. 

But if we set aside how manly cool this is we should admire the quality and precision of this line of jeans. I am always impressed with the artisan work that is happening in realms of fashion and art these days. Also I can’t get over how cool the jean colors are. 

On another note we are heading down to Detroit for business today and am most likely on the road as you are reading this. But I will be actively blogging and working while down there so no worries 🙂

Happy Tuesday Mates! 

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