The Perfect Piece

There is a lot of furniture out there that I truly melt over. Certain pieces just move you through them in such a way it is hard to deny their beauty. I very much appreciate furniture where the creator has obviously thought through the design and combination of materials. It is worth the money no matter what anyone says. I could just be saying that because as a designer I understand what it means to work through a design like that. 

Over the last year I have found so much inspiration for my graphic work in interiors and have enjoyed what great interiors have taught me. In a lot of ways I probably should have gone into interior design but that is not where I was lead so I do not question where I am but simply think it wouldn’t have been a completely off base path for me. 

Needless to say through some of my furniture roaming I have fallen in love with some pieces from a couple companies and wanted to showcase some of the companies work in this post. 

The first5 photos are BluDot and if you have not looked into their stuff please do, it is very similar to everything I love about CB2 but done in a more original way. There is a lot less product but what they have is beautiful. I mean look at that chair…Hello Beautiful!

Then the last two photos are  STUDIO DUNN. They create gorgeous seamless looking wood furniture. You cannot deny the beauty of these designs. 

So check them out and explore their work they truly are pieces of art. 

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