The First Photo Booth!

Back in January this whole crazy idea started. I had been seeing all these awesome photo booths being posted and thought how much fun it would be to just create one but work one. If you haven’t seen the photos from The Image Is Found and Our Labor of Love’s Smilebooth than you are missing out on a good laugh.

So one day at some early morning meeting Alicia Caldecott of A Day In May,  Cory Weber of Cory Weber Photography and I are started talking about the whole photo booth idea and we knew a lot of people were doing it but no one in our area was doing anything that awesome and custom. This then eventually led to an “Aw what the heck let’s just do this and give it a try.” We found one awesome couple that we all were already working with, Jen and Brett, and when we asked they agreed very quickly to be our guinea pigs.

Which brings us to three weeks ago one late Wednesday night Mike and I blaring hip hop at 2 AM creating strips from all this wrapping paper, ribbon, and any other crazy material we could think of using. All the while we are trying to build an 8 foot wide panel in a room that may be 6 feet wide (our living room). It was crazy and awesome!

On the day of the wedding we had a lot of fun creating the mustache’s and taking test photos. So when we got to the reception and made the photo booth live it all kind of came together. It was a ton of fun to see how they all just jumped on board and had such a great time with it. Guests of all ages took photos and even got a little crazy! Some of my favorites may be of us vendors at the wedding. haha. Such a blessing to work with fun people who love life.

So when I was going through them today I realized how blessed I am to be able to have such an incredibly fun and creative job. I LOVE what I do and though sometimes there are moments that disappoint and you have to really tell yourself to push on, when you see photos like these you forget it all. I don’t think I would have my life any other way.

Whoever said working in this industry was materialistic can look at the smiles and laughs on all these faces and will see that we are in the business of having a good time and celebrating life. Like I said I love my what I do. I love doing what I am passionate about and makes me wake up each day. Life is too short to not do what you love. 

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  1. Wow — these photos are amazing!! Everyone looks like they were having so much fun (really, that's the sign of a great photographer!).

    Very awesome work, guys!