The Best Days

The week of Thanksgiving and everything following till after New Years are some of my favorite times of the year. I love the colors that Fall brings and living in Northern Michigan the seasons are beautiful here. 

My favorite of all of these days are Thanksgiving with the comfort food, men watching football, Macy’s Parade, the baking, and even the cleaning. I love the excitement of Thanksgiving and the warmth of having family close. It is always a different feeling than when family comes any other time, there is just something about Thanksgiving.

More than anything the thing I love about Thanksgiving is a chance to sit and laugh and be thankful for everything despite all the other pains in our lives. This year more than any other there has been a hard year to stay positive. My family has seen a lot of hard times this year between divorce, job loss, homelessness, economics, and the list goes on just like every family. All meaning that this Thanksgiving could be better than any other simply because we have one day to place all the pain, loss, hurt, and regret aside for one meal to thank God if nothing less than all being able to come to come together. How wonderful is that?

I hope dearly that you all enjoy the day! It should be another great Thanksgiving even in this year. 

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