The Beauty of Spring Days

The beauty of spring days. The Fresh Exchange.

We sit on the porch. The sun set around 8 tonight. A glass of wine in hand and a warm meal on the table on our deck. There is a chill in the air still to the point I run back inside to grab a blanket for my lap. It isn’t warm enough to wear sandals or even a t-shirt, but the sun has come out from behind the clouds. The days are longer than even a month ago.

The beauty of spring days. The Fresh Exchange.

The air is filled with the sound of spring peepers as the day the light lingers over the lake in the distance. It is a magical sound we only get for so long just like anything in a life of seasons. Everything has its time to come alive, be present, and then fade off till the next year just as crocuses appear as the first flowers of spring and disappear before the forsythia blooms. Spring is a magical and trying season, but gradually it seems the constant gray and chilly days become fewer and the warm sunnier ones become the norm.

The beauty of spring days. The Fresh Exchange.

That night there in the chilly air of a spring evening, it reminded me how thankful I was for this life. Mike looked at me and asked, “Are you happy?” and I took a sip of wine and took in the sounds of the peepers, the lapping of the lake off in the distance and I said, “yes. What more could we want?”

The beauty of spring days. The Fresh Exchange.

The beauty of spring days. The Fresh Exchange.

Years ago, I struggled with the word contentment. Contentment in my 20’s for some reason sounded similar to settling. I always wanted more. I wanted to find something beyond where I was, but as you read last week, this isn’t always the right way. This year, the first of my 30’s I am learning that contentment is a gift. I have found that when we find comfort and happiness in what we have we find calm and presence in our life. Just maybe, more isn’t more? Just maybe, more is too much and less is enough.

The beauty of spring days. The Fresh Exchange.

Sitting there on that first “warm” evening of spring, I was reminded once again of how contentment is the goal, a gift, a place of knowing enough. Contentment is happiness after all. That chilly night air filled with sounds that made me feel home eating a meal with the one I love was all I needed and wanted. Knowing that and being fully fulfilled by that meant anything else in life would just be sugar on top of it all and nothing more.

The beauty of spring days. The Fresh Exchange.

That night in bed, I cracked the window a little to let the chill into our room and the sounds of spring that come two months from now will disappear. I wanted to make sure we took it in all the beauty of these changing seasons. The chill of it all and all. I wanted to linger in that feeling of contentment that I have now learned is ultimate the less and not the more I have been desiring for most of my life.

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  1. This is beautiful.
    Contentment is better than happiness. Contentment is the long-term satisfaction that comes from the cumulation of good times, good relationships. Happiness is the sugar high of buying something new, getting promoted, winning. It’s fun but doesn’t sustain. Everything is geared toward the attainment of happiness, probably because it’s more tangible. But contentment is what counts.

  2. MEgan,

    As much you look forward to my comments (thank you!), I look forward to your posts all the time. It’s usually my read while eating my lunch at work, or when i have a little break while at work. it’s always refreshing, thought-provoking, and makes me happy.

    can i just say this is my favorite post of them all? contentment is a word that i have been struggling with for the past 3 years or so. contentment as a gift and possibly having the more you were longing for actually won’t bring happiness. what is now is enough. i appreciate that you painted a picture of this simple, every day evening, and what it looks like to take it all in for what it is instead of looking elsewhere. I need to soak up “less is enough, more is too much”. SO GOOD.

    FOr me, contentment is the hardest when i tend to define my life by a timeline. in my late 30s now, where should i be? what should my career look like? my personal life? my finances? TIMELINE is a killer. timeline kills dreams and creativity and freedom. luckily (or not, some days!), there has been curveballs in our way that has waken me up to realy live for today and linger in the glory of today.
    it’s a daily choice – contentment.

    1. Oh I am so glad!!! I hope we can meet sometime when you make it up. It would be wonderful.

      You have had some curveballs. I was actually talking some friends the other night about curveballs in our life and I said you know, in retrospect those curves threw us here. They brought us back and I think curves, bumps, imperfections are a way of aligning us and bringing us back to center in some weird and funny way. It is always about perspective. We are only as far behind as we allow ourselves to see ourselves and we are only as ahead as we believe we are as well. We are also as thankful as we remind ourselves to be. It isn’t easy but yes, it is a daily choice. Ahhh! life 🙂 Have a wonderful day Faith!!

      1. perspective- does so much, yes!

        I would love to meet you as well- and i believe we will! We love going up there so it’s on the list in the near future. 🙂

  3. Being able to keep the windows open at night always makes me so incredibly happy. I have terrible allergies, but do it anyway 🙂 The peacefulness is always worth it!

    My family has made a goal for this year of getting outdoors more often because there truly is something about nature that eases our stress, forces us to be more present, and to recognize all that we are already blessed with.

    The posts and newsletters you’ve crafted lately have been great encouragement, please keep it up!

    1. Surprisingly I have terrible allergies too especially in the spring. I am a mess right now but I am loving watching everything burst around us and I sleep with the windows open despite it as well. haha. And thank you so much! Will do. Working on May’s this week 😉 Excited to start this finally month of spring!

  4. I love opening the windows again and letting the chill in! It feels so fresh! Happy spring. Love these thoughts on CONTENTMENT – I’ve been learning the same thing!

    1. The opened windows is the best thing in the world. Last night it was so warm and we had the windows open and it was louder outside at 3 AM than it was during the middle of the day. I love that!

  5. THIS! Absolutely beautiful! I couldn’t agree more! As a mid-twenties wOman, i struggle with contentment and not viewinf it as Settling! It surely is not! Its embracing what’s before us and finding the joy in that! Love this so much!

  6. Being content is one of the highest blessings.
    Asking for more is scary.
    adjusting expectations is key.
    Content is balance. Harmony.

  7. I have felt a simliar feeling of contentment with the presence of spring. There is something wonderfully luxurious about sitting outside on a warm evening, with nothing to fill your ears but the surrounding nature. It makes me happy just thinking about the environment my husband and I get to sit in while eating dinner on our patio during the week. For me, the best way I have found to maintain and foster happiness is gratitude. This post is definitely a reflection of how grateful you are for the life you have – and so wonderfully written too!

  8. Writing this part down somewhere to remind myself often, “…contentment is a gift. I have found that when we find comfort and happiness in what we have we find calm and presence in our life. Just maybe, more isn’t more? Just maybe, more is too much and less is enough.”

    It’s so so true, yet a bit hard to truly realize, easily at least. After so many years of go go go to ‘set up’ my adult life, it’s now time to stop and just be in happiness and contentment. It’s a shift. And it’s a shift I’ll have to work at to truly slow down. This quote is just the right thing to bring me back down to peacefullness when I need a reminder of how to do so.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. This is beautiful. In nz we are coming into autumn and I’m trying to appreciate the crisp mornings and smell of wood fires rather than missing the summer heat.
    You always have something inspiring to say. I really love reading your writing.