The 10 Items You Should Always Pack for a Trip with Contiki

The 10 Essential Items You Should ALWAYS Pack | The Fresh Exchange

No matter where we are headed to, there a few essential pieces I have noticed always land in my bag. We chatted and mulled over this list about what the items where that no matter if you were going to Antartica or Phuket it wouldn’t matter, you would still need these. I think we nailed it, but we would still love to hear your’s. OBVIOUSLY you need certain things like underwear (well maybe not depends on personal preference) and your own toiletries, but those are givens. We get asked all the time about what things we would pack for certain trips, but to be honest if you take these items whether male or female you will be set. Sure toss in a sandal for a warmer climate or dress if you are lady, but for the most part this is it.

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The 10 Essential Items You Should ALWAYS Pack | The Fresh Exchange

  1. The white button down
    Every trip has a moment where you need to get dressed up on some level. There is nothing that can make you look put together like a nice crisp white button down with a good pair of jeans. Or if you are at the beach layer it over your bikini as a cover up.
  2. Shoes to walk a mile (or ten) in
    Style only goes so far when you are traveling. Shoes take up a massive amount of space in your bag so I always am on the look out for shoes that not only are cool, but I can walk forever in. Sneakers are in style these days so take advantage and rock some slip ons such as these. They will work well in airport security and they will keep you comfy while you try to see a city in a day.
  3. Chambray shirt
    It is an absolute staple of any closet. The lightweight cotton fabric will keep you cool and dry even in hot locations while also providing a key staple for even colder climates. This is an absolute necessity no matter where you plan to head on your trip.
  4. Lightweight jacket
    I am a strong believer in the lightweight army jacket. If you are in a cooler location, layer a tee, button down (chambray), and your sweater under this jacket with a scarf. If you are in a warmer location, use it in the evening to place over your dress or short and tee combo.
  5. Scarf
    A scarf can do so many things. If I was on Naked and Afraid I might consider this as my one item that could come with me. But for real. You can use it as a pillow on the flight or train, a top in a warm location, a skirt, or even just as a scarf. It is amazing what you can do when you have a good scarf.
  6. Your favorite jeans
    I never leave home without my favorite jeans. I have tried many pairs of pants, but I still come back to Gap. They fit the best, wear well, and well just are darn good for the price.
  7. A gray sweater
    No matter what I don’t leave home without one. I don’t suggest using a wool one, but a cashmere or cotton sweater that breathes well and can be used in varying climates is the way to go.
  8. White v-neck
    Nothing more classic. Jeans a white tee is the go-to outfit for Mike and I. Enough said.
  9. Your bag of choice
    The bag is the key thing. Finding one that works well for your trip is essential. Bonus if you can fit everything in a backpack that you can use during the day while you are seeing the sites.
  10. Sunglasses
    Even if you are in a cloudy city a good pair of sunnies can make all the difference in the world. We are always bummed when we leave home without our favorite pair.

If you need more ideas on what to pack for your trip or want to see what we have packed for trips in the past see all of our packing posts here.

We would love to hear what you would add to this list or takeaway! We always find it interesting what people consider important essentials for travel.

This post is sponsored by Contiki and Travel Mindset. All opinions and thoughts are our own. As always thank you for supporting the brands that support The Fresh Exchange.

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  1. Great tips! I took a contiki tour last year and it was super fun- both relaxed and high impact at the same time (if that’s possible!) I love the scarf you chose, I think it adds the perfect pop of colors without going crazy and looking like “that scarf” in every travel photo!

  2. I would add a Black tee actually. Even more so than the white. It can be dressed up or down and doesnt get dirty as easily. Love everythingnelse though

  3. A cAmi,
    But other than that you naIled it!
    I lived in London the last three years and travelded the world.
    What you have giveN us is gold.
    Pack on, sister!