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As the days are dwindling down till the big day I have been going through a lot of my images that I have collected to inspire me in the wedding planning process and have gained huge respect for some amazingly talented and creative photographers in the industry. 

The thing about weddings is not the idea of it being this day of being the center of attention but rather the beauty of every one you love dearly coming together to witness you and your love processing a lifelong commitment to one another. However you plan on doing that is the beauty of it all. Weddings truly reflect the couple and their culture, their life together and separately, and their individual style, which is a reason I have grown to love the wedding industry especially as a creative. There is a whole world of possibilities out there for what can be created and designed and then to see the love on the the face of couple and to watch the story be told through a lens of a camera is amazing. 

What I have learned about photography over the last year is that anyone can take photos and have a nice camera but it is the story telling that makes a true photographer. When you look through an amazing wedding photographer’s work you should feel all the emotion of the day and get the feeling of being there at the event. It is a true art so the following are some of my favorites who I have fallen in love with and will continue to follow even after my wedding day just because they are all true artists. 

Also, make sure to check out this link to an AMAZING wedding video of a traditional and indian wedding. This is some of the best video work I have seen in a while. Talk about story telling. Gorgeous.

Snippet and Ink: Neda & Sati

1. Sarah Rhoades  2. Cory Weber Photography  3. Jose Villa  4. Our Labor of Love  5. Cory Weber Photography  6. Braedon Photography  7. Josh Elliot  8. Our Labor of Love  9. Gabriel Ryan Photography  10. Tec Petaja  11. Cory Weber Photography  12. Matt and Katie  13. Our Labor of Love  14. Simply Bloom Photography 

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