Summer Casual

I just returned from a meeting with Dan Stewart Photography to go over some more exciting work I get to do with him, and on my way back I strolled the downtown slowly to absorb the gorgeous summery day. 
I love summer but not the kind of summer most people get. I am talking what most people would call their Spring or Fall (since that’s about what we get up here for a summer). I am not the it’s so hot I can’t go outside girl or all I can do is sit by the pool. Never have been in to that sweating is not my favorite. So the 70-80 degree summers we receive up here are perfect for casual attire such as this outfit above. I love my tomboy crops mixed with heels. Also popping on a fun hat and a classic simple top that is flowy and comfy while shopping at the farmer’s market or grabbing coffee downtown. This is my kind of outfit so I had to share. 

Hope you guys are enjoying the download today and are having great weather wherever you are!
hat  |  tank  |  clutch  |  bracelet  |  crops  |  heels

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