Spring – Garden

I began planting our garden a week or two ago and have been enjoying watching everything begin to sprout. A sign that long warm days are on their way. This is making me very happy.

I look forward to the time I spend in the garden every year. There is something about growing things that really is calming. Do many of you have gardens?

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  1. That photo makes me so happy. I have a little tiny balcony garden. I love watching my flowers and herbs grown. Its such a beautiful time of the year, isn’t it? Happy Tuesday, dear. xo

  2. I just started gardening this year, and nature BLEW away my little seedlings during a freak storm while I was getting them used to being outside. I couldn’t believe it!

  3. Lovely photograph! We have quite a few gardens – a little front & back garden at our house & then a big greenhouse & a big plot outside. But love it so much as you can literally watch you work growing, and it’s a lesson for life – you don’t need much, bit water, bit of earth & a tiny seed can grow to great heights!

  4. I feel like I have “mini” gardens everywhere. from the outside front area, to my room by the window, to flowers placed in various rooms of the house!