Simple, Natural, Beautiful

West Elm, Home Inspiration

White Home Inspiration

Cacti, Kitchen, Office, Utensils

Last night I wasted about 2 hours just looking at images like these. Mike and I have been dreaming up what we want in our house as it is always inspiring to us after a long week of work to think about what we are working towards achieving. Our dreams may be big but we can’t help but being okay with that.

In our minds our space is one of the most important things we will ever put money into. Not only is it where we will spend the most time but it will also dictate our work. We want our house to have gorgeous light, be as simple and natural as possible, but also modern with clean lines. A lot of our research has been into Swedish modern design and bringing in woods and other natural elements to bring warmth and livability to the space.

Though we are a long way away from accomplishing I figure these days of dreaming will make the dream that much sweeter when we finally achieve it 🙂 I am sure many of you have an idea of what your dream space will look like some day. It is really fun to dream isn’t it?

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