As all of you know I am quiet the fan of a certain store called Anthropologie. I believe if I could sum up my style it would be exactly Anthropologie. It has that slight whimsical feeling with elegance and those classic lines all mixed together with old items done up right. I love it. 

So when I saw these amazing ads it instantly made me think about Anthropologie but then as I looked further it did not seem right it had something slightly too clean. My next thought was that it was some awesome up and coming store, which would be EVEN cooler, but then upon doing research I found out this a new ad campaign for IKEA. To me this not only amazing design but incredible marketing and a great example of how to show your versatility as a company.

I love the idea of this cause even though I love clean lines and a modern feel deep in my heart I really want this lived in eclectic look when I am honest with myself. So this gives me hope that I can truly achieve both. 

IKEA take a bow and pat yourself on your back because you have finally redeemed yourself after your font change from a Mac based to a Microsoft. You have proven once again that the Swedes have got it goin’ on.

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