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I have never moved somewhere and instantly felt at home. Never. I moved many times as a child and honestly felt alone and lost in almost every move. Granted I was young and you are always way more dramatic about things at that point in your life, but for the first time I feel as if I have moved home. We see Raleigh as a fresh start to set some new habits, start new ideas, and dream even bigger. Like way bigger.

We have absolutely had the classic moving problems such as working on the road to maintain current projects, internet issues, and a late moving truck. In the moment it felt a little rough especially the no internet part, but there was a freedom it gave us to just accept our current reality and enjoy the insanity. Truly I am thankful for the problems. It has forced us to refresh our minds and accept that we do not control everything. Not having the internet in your house changes a mobile creatives life in big ways and not necessarily in a bad way.

This weekend has been the perfect restart we needed. This morning we already feel refreshed and ready to tackle the last leg of some of our projects and to prep for the next big things on our list. We feel ready to start dreaming again and inspired to ask what is next.

Hopefully today or tomorrow our truck will come and life will begin to feel a little less like we are camping and more like where we are living in our new home. Though I am pumped to settle in fully, I also cherish these moments of simplicity in our life. Our dogs on the other hand are wondering when we are going back to Lake Michigan…

I have already fallen in love with this city more than I expected. Having an energizing neighborhood with southern grandmas and hip wood working neighbors, all within seconds of downtown has been energizing. I also am finding beauty in the life and movement of being in a larger city. I thought I would instantly miss the water and life would feel so drastically different, but those moments have not come yet. This city is different but beautiful in it’s own ways and I cannot wait to discover more of it in the coming months.

More to come this week. We are super busy getting settled and keeping up with deadlines. We have two of our largest projects wrapping up this month, including an entire rebrand of three restaurants in Detroit and an iphone app in collaboration with Over. We will have much to show you about these amazing projects in the coming weeks. Keep up with our instagrams as we begin to capture this new place we will be calling home for most of the year.

Have a wonderful Monday friends!

Above: An image of our kitchen which we cannot wait to start shooting some new blog series in this winter. Think healthy, simple, food and other awesome things! Also, I know some of you have already asked, but we will be doing a home tour eventually once we get settled and so on. Right now it is pretty sad 🙁

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  1. The kitchen looks gorgeous! I’m giving a bit of a chuckle over the moving woes — it seems so bad when you’re in the trenches, and then a couple weeks (maybe months in my case!) go by and you start to realize that it’s all part of the process and those woes become relatively small. Sending good settling vibes your way! xo

  2. I’ve been moving for the last 6 years, almost every year.. you know what I find? That you can ALWAYS go back to the places that feel like home. It may take time, money or other things, but know it can be accomplished. And I also think its true “home is where the heart is”, surround yourself with loved ones, for me its my boyfriend, our dog and our cat. If they can find happiness where we are, I know I can too. . . 😀 Good luck Im sure you’ll find a whole new reason to enjoy your new home as you get settled!! <3


  3. Exciting times! Well your kitchen looks beautiful to me. Can’t wait to see more pics, if the kitchen looks as gorgeous as that I’m sure the rest of the house is not so bad! 🙂 Lovely to hear you have fallen in love with the city even more than you were expecting. Can’t wait to read more about this exciting next chapter in your lives.

  4. I recently moved to the Raleigh area, too and feel the same way! Such a lovely place to explore and make a fresh start in. If you’re looking for a good coffee shop, I would highly suggest the Benelux Cafe downtown–good stuff.

  5. congrats on the new place! feeling “at home” in your own home can sometimes be a challenge, I know because in the last 8 years I’ve moved on average twice a year 🙁 Wishing you the best in your new home with that awesomely BRIGHT kitchen! I have the same farmhouse sink and butcherblock countertops, I think… if it’s an Ikea kitchen it’s definitely the same!

    cheers to a fabulous new start!

  6. I can’t wait to follow you as you explore Raleigh. We recently moved from So. CA to Austin, Tx. I have fallen in love with the south. You will be amazed at southern hospitality. Nothing like it! I love Austin but would like to be on the east coast so I’m excited to find out about Raleigh.

    You already have my attention just by showing your kitchen! As amazing as Austin is I crave the architecture and feel of a more traditional area. I can’t wait to see the rest of your house!

  7. Absolutely love the kitchen– clean and pure. We are giving our kitchen a facelift– painting EVERYTHING for now, until we can afford a real renovation. Until then, I’ll enjoy pics of your kitchen and dream of the day when we will install butcher block counters and subway tiles (oh yeah, and a garbage disposal and dishwasher)! Good luck settling in!

  8. Congratulations – you’ve moved to a lovely part of the world! I’m a little strange in that I love moving, but I can understand the stress involved! Have fun discovering all the wonder in your new city!

  9. As a military family, we move every 3 years. I always struggle the first few months to settle in, find my routine, make friends. It’s usually around the 3 month mark though that everything begins to fall into place: friends, routine, house looking like an actual house. Good luck my dear!