scarves are for fall

Yesterday I was out running errands and it was a cloudy fall day just begging to start raining at any point so naturally a scarf was necessary. It was not till I got to the post office to mail out some things for a client (I love those days because it is exciting and nerve wracking to let those precious printed items out of your sight…kind of like diving into deep water or going over the top of a roller coaster) that I realized that scarves signify a turn of weather and season. The post office man said “Your scarf looks wonderful on you but I don’t think you are allowed to wear it till the fall.” Of course he was joking and being a sweet old man but it made me think how important scarves are to our fall and winter months. I have barely touched even my light scarves this summer. 

So as I sit in the office on this dark gloomy day I thought I would dream about scarves and the ones I feel would be wonderful for this fall season and maybe even get to take us into the winter. 

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