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Around September or so this last Fall my fiance, Mike and I met with Cory Weber of Cory Weber Photography and quickly chose to work with him for our wedding this coming summer. We were drawn to his natural talent and use of light in his photography, but when we met him we found out he was a super awesome guy with great taste, loves what he does, and wants to truly capture his clients.

Over the last few months Mike and I have had the pleasure of getting to know Cory, his wife, and their adorable daughter. We feel so lucky to have friends like them who have a similar passion for life! 

Beyond drinking great beers and wines, and eating good food together, we have begun working together on a few projects. One of the projects was some promotional work for Cory Weber Photography. You have to check out his website and blog, you will be blown away by his editing skills and how he captures light…truly amazing! 

So since January, Cory and I have been working to design a catalog (more or less) of what he provides to his couples. He wanted something that he could easily send his couples through an email so they could read and see everything he can offer them. Eventually this will become a book he can take with him to meetings or even send to couples. 

It has been so awesome working with him on this! I could not wait to post this as I was working on it for two reasons…1. I thought the catalog looked awesome and 2. I wanted a reason to talk about Cory’s great work!

Happy Monday!

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