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Kaufmann Mercantile Giveaway  |  The Fresh Exchange

Here in Raleigh it has been pretty darn warm. In fact I would say that Spring has more or less quickly allowed Summer to sweep right in. We have been crazy busy between travel, work, and life, but I am still daily finding ways to welcome in the warmth.  Planting fresh herbs for the season, pruning my succulents, or simply sweeping the porch and discarding the remnants from last season is my way of saying hello to the Southern Spring.

Kaufmann Mercantile Giveaway  |  The Fresh Exchange

Those itty bitty moments in the day are always the perfect way to celebrate the warmer weather. For years part of my excitement for Spring and seasonal shifts has been the constant inspiration from Kaufmann Mercantile. They are an online boutique that celebrates everything I love about  enjoying nature, life, home, and more importantly well made and well designed products. Mike and I have been long time fans of this shop and long time of subscribers to their newsletter.

Kaufmann Mercantile Giveaway  |  The Fresh Exchange

There are not many stores I enjoy receiving emails from unless it includes info on a great sale, but Kaufmann has always been an email I stop to read and enjoy. They are always highlighting products that are beautiful, natural, handmade, and extremely unique to their brand. Carrying everything from our favorite Jack Rudy tonic to beautiful handmade seasonal products such as this copper bird feeder, Kaufmann always provides both perfectly curated products as well as inspiration to help create a beautiful everyday life. Kaufmann has not only found a way to highlight artisans but has also made even simple everyday tasks such as cleaning the house or doing dishes a beautiful part of life. Now that is a concept I can get behind!

Kaufmann Mercantile Giveaway  |  The Fresh Exchange

There is nothing like mixing up a great gin and tonic on a warm day and sipping it really slow after a good few hours of garden planting or even simple chores. This is why I am really excited to offer you the chance to experience first hand the high-quality goods and exceptional curation of Kaufmann Mercantile. By joining Mike and I in being a subscriber to their newsletter by going HERE, you will be entered to win a $100 giveaway to their store!

Kaufmann Mercantile Giveaway | The Fresh Exchange

So yes, it is as simple as CLICKING HERE and entering your email and confirming your subscription to enter the giveaway. Please also comment below letting us know that you have subscribed! You can also click the image below to be sent over the Kaufmann’s Giveaway Page with The Fresh Exchange. We will be announcing the winner next Thursday 5/22.


Kaufmann Mercantile Giveaway | The Fresh Exchange

Hope you are each having an awesome week thus far! We are traveling back this morning from NYC and feeling so inspired after an exciting time in the city for a few days.



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  1. Love love love Kaufmann Merc – such a beautifully designed and well-curated shop! Are we not eligible if we’re already on their mailing list?

  2. YOU GUYS ROCK! this shop is a really cool combo of etsy treasures & ’boutique’ items. what’s not to love… we’d rather spend some extra money on a unique piece of clothing / furniture / whatever instead of buying everything at the more readily accessible shops. makes home feel even more at home <3

  3. Oh man – I’m embarrassed to say I wasn’t aware of Kaufmann until this morning. I would’ve subscribed even if there hadn’t been a (great) giveaway. Cheers!

  4. ohmygoodness! what a selection of amazing curated goods – i can’t beleive i’d never heard of kaufmann mercantile before having read your post. we’ll i’ve subscribed now, so i’ll be looking forward to their newsletter for inspiration

  5. How did I not know about this site already?! Love everything on there… I subscribed + would have with or without the giveaway;)

  6. hi megan, just discovered your blog through lovely anna watson carl’s. signed up for this newsletter since i’m trusting your style! anyways just wanted to say hi and i look forward to seeing the video you are all working on for the yellow table project! cheers

  7. Counting down – only a month until I move to the US, excited to add yet another beautiful shop to my list of places to buy from when I get there!

  8. I had a feeling Raleigh would trick us like this…skipping right over spring into summer! I love that you can get Jack Rudy from Kaufmann! I signed up for the newsletter and am excited to browse their selection.