Playing In the Studio: The Civil Wars

Been debating about bringing music into the blog for a while now. Music is a HUGE part of my daily work day. It inspires my work and how I see things everyday. It will determine a mood a style and everything between. I can look at designs I have done and know the music that was playing while I designed. It is odd but this is why I feel integrating the music that is blaring or softly humming along in the background everyday. 

This week I waited patiently for the new The Civil Wars album Barton Hallow. If you have not heard of them go buy the album right now. This is folk duets at it’s best. If you were a fan of Once you will love the passionate ballads of this couple. Made up of two southerners you cannot deny the roots of their sound. The raw conversations of lost love and being undoubtedly in love are inspirational to say the least.

Photographed by Tec Petaja you cannot tell me that their looks don’t match their sound. I bought this album blindly from what I had been reading and after seeing Tec’s post I knew I would love their sound. Sure enough I cannot get enough and these songs will haunt you for sure. So go check them out on iTunes and grab the album.

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