Office Dreaming

In the process of looking for a new place the one thing more than a garden that I am pumped about is to have an office that is not in my bedroom. I know how sad right…?? I mean the upside my extra large mac screen does act as a great TV to watch instant play Netflix movies on…but that in no way out weighs the cons. 

So because of that I have collected a few photos from various blogs that feature office design and have developed an idea of my ideal work space. I think this is a lot of dreaming but maybe someday when I have my own non-home office this will be more possible, but till then I hope this inspires your own home office a little. 

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  1. These are sweet, Megan. I just tried attempting to re-feng shui my bedroom office (with limited success). It doesn't help that I have too much crap and not enough storage space for it all.

  2. Ryder: Totally will need to check this out. Now that we are looking for houses to rent I will have a whole room dedicated to office, which rocks! So I will need as much inspiration as I can get.

    Noah: Totally understand I am at the purging phase…for some reason in college you accumulate so much stuff you think you need but you don't totally working on downsizing. Less is always better.