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Obaby App Giveaway   |  The Fresh Exchange

Since we announced Obaby going live, it has been really fun to see how many new stories have being told. It is really amazing to watch something you worked so hard to create, begin to help others tell a better story. That is truly a fulfilling experience as a designer.

With that said, this week is a big week for Obaby! Today is the beginning of their reveal week. This week you will see a few of your favorite bloggers using Obaby and you will notice the price is 80% off this week. Check it out here and here. We are celebrating reveal week by giving away 2 copies of Obaby and 1 copy of Obaby+. We want all of you to be able to experience the app, whether you are a parent or not.

I know not many of you may not be parents yet, but I know you’ve got a friend, sibling or relative who would love to add custom artwork to their baby photos. Obaby makes an amazing gift to anyone who is experiencing the beauty of growing and raising a little one. Personally right now I use it to add some cute things to my instagram and great hand lettering. Not all the phrases are strictly specific just for parents. Check out how I used it this morning. We all are affected by little lives and the joy they bring.

Obaby App Giveaway   |  The Fresh Exchange

Mike and I don’t yet have our own little ones, but watching so many of our friends enter this stage of being parents has brought a lot of joy to our lives already. Recently a friend of mine from 3rd grade, gave birth to a beautiful little boy. Watching her fall in love with him and care for him is such a beautiful thing and is the reason we were so excited to help bring Obaby to life.

Obaby App Giveaway   |  The Fresh Exchange

So how can you win a free copy of Obaby or Obaby+? In the comments below, share your story of how a little life has impacted your own life. Next Monday I will email the winners with codes! I am excited to read all these stories and hear more reasons why an app like Obaby is a really wonderful way to help so many tell their own stories and experiences.

If you want to find out more about the app, check out the website and their instagram account. Also, when we launched Obaby I wrote a post about how we developed and designed the app with Over and 3 other amazing artists.

Happy Monday friends! Share your stories!

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  1. Love this! I have always loved kids and wanted them and so I thought working at a daycare would combine those loves. Well…it definitely challenged them, haha. However, even though taking care of 15 two year olds was rough, there were a few that really captured my heart specifically. One little boy had come from an abused household. At 1 year old both his collar bones had been broken and all he had in the world was his elderly great-grand parents. Going into my job, I didn’t know all of this but I could feel something special about this boy. I always watched over him and he always made his way to me. I held him when he cried and when he missed his “pop” and sang to him and prayed quiet prayers over him that only God could hear. After a very disappointing adoption situation (a family that wanted him so badly, but had too little money) it was revealed to us that he would be placed in “the system” for adoption and taken from his ailing Pop. I’ll never forget that day. He was so young but he knew something was different. I held him almost the whole day and cried over him, prayed over him, sang to him and told him I loved him. When the state came to take him his cried echoed through the whole center. I felt like they had taken my own child. I never thought I’d get over that, until I found out that a beautiful couple that was longing for a child to love found him. They already had a room ready for him long before his adoption. They gave him everything he needed and wanted and they love him so much. He is doing amazingly well. God heard all of my prayers and answered them. That little boy changed me forever, and I will never ever forget him. That’s my story…now let me go wipe off my mascara running down my face!


  2. Oh man! My first little one, Lilly, entered this world in a grand fashion in August of 2013. I’ve been trying to document her growth and our journey as parents every day either on my phone or with my “real” camera. She has just been such a joy… I lost my mom when I was in high school and one of my BIGGEST regrets is that I have almost NO pictures with her whatsoever. I so wish I could have had more photos with my mom… so as overkill as it may seem, I want to make sure that Lilly (and ME) has a TON of pictures of each other and our family as she grows up! I would LOVE to win this!

  3. I loved the idea when you first posted about this, and then loved it even more a few weeks later when I found out that I was pregnant for the first time! I used the app to announce that we had a little one coming…How can I share the photo? I will try to leave a link here. But we used the “tiny shoes” line with a pair of converse we bought for the baby. The baby isn’t even out here yet, and it’s already changed our entire existence 🙂


  4. I gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Hallelujah Dawn, 2 weeks ago today. We tried for several years to get pregnant, lost one baby, and now we have our little miracle! It would be such a joy to capture her life using Obaby 🙂

  5. This looks like such an awesome app!
    Our first little lady, who will be 2 in a few weeks, caused me to fall in love so hard, that I quit my teaching job to stay home with her! We have another little one due this summer. It would be so fun to capture belly growth and the excitement of having two kids!!

  6. Our little one is getting bigger by the minute. I had no idea 14 months could pass so quickly. She’s (finally!) just starting to walk and we’d love to have oh baby+ to help us capture the moments..and hopefully she’ll be joined by a little brother or sister soon so we’ll get double the use out of it! 🙂

  7. The family I babysit for have three kids, a girl that’s 7, a boy that’s 2, and a boy that’s 1. Their mother has known me since the day I was born and is the closest thing I have to an older sister and I have no clue what I would do without her. The kids call me their aunt and they are my only nieces and nephews. I love them with all of my heart and whenever I see them my day is guaranteed to be great. I cannot begin to describe the love I receive from the entire family every day. The mother and father consistently tell me that as soon as I graduate college that I am going to move in with them and nanny. 🙂 (and I would love it to no end!) The reason I want to be able to win this app is so that I can give it to them, as they are due to have another little boy in April, and I will unfortunately not be able to be there. I am moving to Europe at the end of next week for half a year. This app would not only bring these parents great joy but would also allow me to still be apart of their lives every day while I am gone through seeing their photos.

  8. In 2011 my brother-in-law passed away at the age of 29, from an auto-immune disease. He left behind a wife and two beautiful little girls (4 and 10 months at the time), we learned the hard way how important every moment of life is and how important pictures of life are for the future. My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for the last three years and were told that it would never happen. After trying everything we could and running out of options and funds, a miracle happened!! We will be welcoming a baby this July, only 4 days before my brother-in-laws birthday. We truly believe he had a helping hand in all of this. I purchased Obaby to help share our amazing moments with our family who can’t always be around and to always hold these special moments closed and can’t imagine all the joyous moments Obaby and Obaby+ Can help us share and create! 🙂

  9. The birth of my daughter made all my dreams come true Zander gave me so much inspiration for more dreams…2.5 years later & we are expecting baby #2. I know that even more dreams are about to be thought up and achieved!

  10. Oh where to begin? Babies, babies, babies! I had three girls, and now they’re having kids! Between my sisters and I we will welcome five new babies this year! The first one yesterday! I opened my new Obaby app and customized a few pics just moments after the birth! What a wonderful way to share the message of his birth.

    I’d love the +app! Thank you for developing this super tool!