Northern Michigan Wedding

Now I am like most brides an avid follower of Once Wed and to me I believe they have the best wedding posts. They have a great website and do a wonderful job working with trends and working with some incredible vendors.

So today when they posted a Northern Michigan wedding I was very excited. It is not often you see Northern Michigan being featured but when you do it never fails to be gorgeous and I cannot wait to see the wedding industry here in Northern Michigan flourish and become a great location for destination weddings. 

This wedding was done on the Leelanau Peninsula in Glen Arbor, which is a gorgeous little town just south of The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park. The beautiful thing about that area is a lot of the old historical buildings have been kept alive and well kept, which I think is wonderful. There is a history in these towns whether is be fur-trading, fishing, or canning these were all port towns and now have become a great place to escape from the summer heat and enjoy 75 degree days, relaxation, sandy beaches, and fresh air. I am not sure I have seen a wedding that captured the old-fashioned laid back style of Northern Michigan summers better than this one that was featured today. Make sure to check it out but I thought I would post a few photos. 

photo credit: Amy Carroll

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