New Series

Just wanted to let you all know what was coming up for The Fresh Exchange. 

I have been doing some thinking and debating about where Hitch is heading and I want to make sure that The Fresh Exchange continues following along with Hitch so that being said. I am planning to move the blog over sometime after August to a new address that will give me more flexibility and look more connected to the Hitch site I am finishing up. 

Also, I will be on a consistent blogging schedule as well, which will consist of a few new weekly series and potentially guest bloggers!! The series I am doing are as follows:

Monday: Monday Inspiration (this one has been happening, just will become more consistent)
Wednesday: Ask Megan (yeah this is where you come in…look below for details)
Friday: Awesome Furniture Friday

As I said the part you come in and why I really posted this blog is about the “Ask Megan” series. I have gotten so many personal messages, emails, and so on about guidance for on finding cool items, etiquette, tutorials, DIY, recipes, and so many other things. I love answering these questions just because I love helping people and so I would love to start compiling these kinds of questions. So if you have some kind of pressing question about something…I am not talking Dear Abby here but if you are looking for fashion advice, what to wear to an event, what kind of case to buy for your computer, interior design help, anything along those lines shoot it over to my email [email protected] and beginning in late August early September I will begin to launch this every week. I will answer your questions prior but it will give me material for the fall.

As for guest bloggers…I will announce them as they come down the pike. I will also be apart of another blog beginning in September that has not launched yet but I will keep you updated on that awesome project in the near future!

Yeah so this summer The Fresh Exchange will continue as is and as the fall approaches it will begin to morph into a whole new animal. I am getting pretty excited about it and hope that you guys will hang in there through the changes. 

I look forward to your submissions and can’t wait to re-launch the new face of The Fresh Exchange in the Fall. 

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