New Client!

Last week on Thursday Mike and I met with our amazing wedding photographer, Cory Weber. We are totally his biggest fans and were VERY excited when he contacted me the week before about working with him. Not only is Cory an exceptional photographer with a great eye for light and color, he is just a super down to earth kind of eye. It really is refreshing to find other creative people that see the business the same as you. I just had to blog about him since I am super excited to have this opportunity. 

Mike and I really enjoy all our clients but it is really fun to work with a client you can personally relate to because you are using their services. I think that is a unique thing that does not happen often. 

Anyways, we love Cory Weber Photography so check him out! He travels too…hint hint.

I will just share a couple engagement photos that he did for us that we love.

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