My Love

The other day I am sitting and hauling away on designs and putting together inspiration boards when I receive an email from my super handsome and brilliant designer fiance. He has impeccable taste and has opinions about everything that comes in our home, which I know most women would not be too excited about, but I love his design opinions. Though when we registered we did get in an argument about our silverware at Crate and Barrel. I will say he won that battle and it was a good win cause ultimately I love our silverware set it’s wonderful. 

That is neither here nor there, the real reason I am posting is because I had to show these amazing images he sent me that I am totally in love with. 
He truly has captured my home style in just a couple photos. So I had to share them with all of you and once again say how amazingly proud I am of him and how lucky I feel to be able to be marrying another designer who has the passion for the aesthetic in the same way I do. 

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