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Last night on twitter I received a request to post my picks from Ikea that I have chosen for our new place. I have to say that the wonderful thing about Ikea is how perfect it is for people who are my age because we are not in a place in our life where we are ready to commit to that very expensive yet beautiful Pottery Barn couch and furniture that I swoon over or even a Restoration Hardware dining table. With all the moving we will do in the next 5 years between rentals and eventually a home it is hard to think about settling on one style.

With our new place it has a 60’s feeling to it. All the lighting fixtures are 60’s and there is even a little Frank Lloyd Wright feeling to it with the stone around the door way. So we have decided to continue with a more modern eclectic feel to the space. We have decided since the spaces are so small and the whole kitchen is done in whites that we would continue with light colored items to keep everything light in order to not make our space feel heavy or smaller than it already is. Thus the chosen items. 

I also have to say that if you are thinking of purchasing a couch the Ikea couches are an amazing deal. A family friend has had one for almost 4 years now the thing is awesome. There are a lot of advantages:

1. Price
2. The changeable covers so you can change them easily and cheaply if you get bored or move
3. The 10 year warranty
4. The easy to wash covers
5. the variety of options and styles

We have gone with the Karlstad in the medium gray and I am crazy excited to mix it with a chair from the Stockholm collection. 

I will definitely show photos in the next month once we move in and have put some things together. But till then I will post the pieces we are looking to place in our humble little place.

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