Monday Words: Dreams Are Only Dreams

Dreams are only dreams till plans are made to make them reality. More inspiration on The Fresh Exchange blog.

I bet you have a one too. Maybe your’s is posted on your office wall. Maybe it is imprinted on your thoughts every waking moment of the day. Maybe your’s has been rewritten a thousand times. Maybe you like to say it out loud. Maybe you don’t talk about it ever because you fear saying it out loud would make you feel silly. No matter what we all have a list of dreams. Some big and some small, but they are the things that when we close our eyes and silence our thoughts long enough we can hear our hearts yell it louder than anything.

For years I have had my list lingering from one notebook to another. Some of them I said out loud and others I felt too silly to talk about or felt the timing wasn’t right to even think about them. The thing I have learned that these lists are simply only lists we hold up idealized until we make plans to make them a reality.

This last few weeks and weekends I have spent a lot of time focused on these dreams of mine. I have been narrowing in on what success means in my 30’s and what I really long for and how do I make that happen. As a result, these dreams have stopped feeling like such distant thoughts and feelings or inspiration, but have felt tangible and real as of late. At the beginning of the year, Mike got me a Passion Planner, knowing I struggle with organizing my thoughts and executing a big idea sometimes. It arrived last week right when I needed it. Since then I have been putting my dreams into motion. From starting to sell my fonts and graphics, to building out a whole new structure to TFE which will start in March, to making decisions about our life.

There is something about pursuing what you love whether a little or a lot every day that fills us up and fires us up. I think it is a human instinct. Every day is a continued drive to keep pushing towards my dreams. Some days more than others, but nevertheless every day is progressive. From lessons learned to new ideas added to deadlines hit. It all matters in the grand scheme of it all.

I always knew that we were the only things that stood in the way of our dreams, but I have spent a lot of the past year blaming my lack of progression in my dreams on other people and things instead of realizing I can do this. It is easy to feel self-pity and make the excuse, but sometimes we have to give ourselves a swift kick and stop whining. We have to pick up that list we keep holding high and mighty and realize all of it is achievable. All we have to do is to make the plan. We have to begin without excuse. We instead take one step at a time. This is the only way we will get there.

I hope this Monday finds you all well and I hope this little reminder keeps you going and pushing toward your dreams. They matter and you must not forget that the greatest thing we can do for the world is to wildly pursue what we love.

Happy Monday, friends!

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  1. The passion planner looks like such a cool thing! I’ve been designing a few fonts here and there but never got the courage to actually sell them or do something with them! Thanks for inspiring me, i might get started with it soon now 🙂

    1. You totally should. The residual income is great during time off and during weeks that are rough with a baby. Plus. I find it easy to work on them when I am on duty and he is playing because it is easy to step away if need be.

  2. Yes!! YES to all of this!!! Such beautiful words! I’ve been learning the importance of how i show up in the here and now influences and impacts my dreams! Such a great reminder that the dream pursuit isnt just a one time thing but something we get to uncover everyday!

  3. This message was , so incredibly relevant for me today. I can honestly say I NEEDED these inspiring, and encouraging words today. It’s so easy to allow the day to day grind, to water down our dreams. Reading these Monday words has allowed my mind to focus, for a moment on my dreams again. Then to be thankful for the grind, that makes a way for the dreams to become reality.

    Thank you.

  4. I love the idea of the Passion Planner! Sometimes even one step at a time seems daunting when the dream is so far from reality. Did the Passion Planner help to figure out a first step? To me, that’s the hardest part sometimes…not knowing where to begin. Thanks for the encouragement, as always!

  5. Always right on, Megan. I think what i am having a hard time is, carving out the time to write/blog/create. my current career is incredibly emotionally exhausting, when the day is over, i am hardly left with any energy. i know it’s commitment and i just need to make time or i’ll be at this forever so thank you for the push!