Monday Inspiration: Christmas Cards

I really do not have a blog planned for today. I am running around the house trying to get everything done before we head south and I feel like a crazy person. HA! I always feel that way before I fly till I get on the plan and then I just crash good thing I don’t fly every month or anything. My life would feel insane I think. 

So instead today I wanted to share a card design I did for Cassidy Dawn Photography for her Holiday card. I got in the mail and it turned out adorable. My mom than asked me to do it for them and I decided I really should do a Holiday card for Mike and Nel and I. I drew it up (yes it is hand drawn 🙂 I am pretty excited. I won’t lie. It will be a New Years card. Very excited to send it out to our family and friends!

Anyways here is Cassidy’s design I did. I love how adorable they look as well. All color coordinated in black and white 🙂 I love it!

Tomorrow we will be flying but Mike has been working on a post for tomorrow so look for that one. But then we will probably take a break for a week. SORRY! We need to break for a little while friends. 
Merry Christmas!

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