Monday Inspiration #9

I have to apologize for the absence. It was one of those weeks that just completely throws you a curve ball that you never see coming. Mike got very ill and had to spend quiet a few days in the hospital with some pretty serious digestive problems. It is one of those times that leaves you realizing how important everyday is and that there should never be anything more important than the people in your life. I did not work most of the week other than a few things that were necessary to send out to print thus why I have not been on here. Everything is better now but it is just one of those times that rocks your routine enough to put you back in check as to what life is really about and how precious life is. It makes you remember to breathe a little deeper and to hug a little harder. 

I am now back in the driver’s seat (my office) and feeling ready to finish out the next few weeks before the wedding. Yeah 5 weeks till I walk down the aisle!! Crazy how time flies!!

That also means that this week I will be posting the invitations that just went out last week. They turned wonderful and though there were things I would change just like any project I could not have asked for anything more perfect to capture who Mike and I are as designers. It is perfect. I will post those later this week. 

I also have a completed wedding suite from invitation to day of pieces to post as well. I am very excited for you all to see that as well!!

But today I wanted to post the Monday Inspiration for this week. 

With being engaged to a Texan there is no way around not learning to love Texas and everything it has to offer. Not only does Texas have great BBQ, beer, and mexican food you may ever have. They have a very cool place called Austin, Texas that has some amazing design firms that create seamless and beautiful work that I don’t ever get tired of looking at. So today I thought I would feature a design firm that has done work for the great Texas beer we will be having at our wedding, Shiner as well the best late night food you will ever have, Whataburger, and other great local Texas favorites. 

Say hello to McGarrah Jessee from Austin, Texas. A team of designers that do everything from ID, print, in-store collateral, and packaging. Their work has a retro feel with clean lines that I cannot stop drooling over. This is the kind of design that just gets me excited. So make sure to check out their website to see more of their work. Then take a trip to Texas to experience their work first hand!

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