Monday Inspiration #8

The one thing that gets me through Mondays is knowing Design Sponge will be posting their Sneak Peeks. I love the houses they feature and the people who own the spaces. I enjoy looking at all the details that have such purpose and the seeing how people pull everything together and make a space all their own. It is wonderful.

 But not only do I love looking at the great design but I love the websites they link to in the sneak peeks that either the people work at or own. Sometimes they even put the places in their city where they find their furniture and that is where our Monday Inspiration comes from today. 

I have been meaning to get to this all day but I was redoing the header of the blog to match what will be launching with Hitch’s website on top of keeping up with other work. 

But I saw this site linked from Design Sponge today and had to share it as the Monday Inspiration for this week. The company is called POST 27 and they are out of Chicago and have amazingly cool furniture. So you all need to check them out cause it is worth drooling over. I have dropped in a few things I loved. Enjoy guys!!

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