Monday Inspiration #6

As I love to do, I like to kick off the week with some inspiration to get the juices flowing. 

Over the last month of so Celeste Prevost’s work has been everywhere from Graphic Exchange to Design Work Life. The more I have seen of her work the more in love with it I have become and I thought it would be a wonderful kick off for the week. 

What I love most about her work is the simplicity of her designs and as a designer I greatly appreciate that in her work because simplicity is not as simple as it sounds. A lot of times something so simple has taken a lot of long hours of thought, sketches, and sleepless nights. The other thing is how clean everything is. Celeste does not add anything unnecessary and that is a sign of a great designer. It takes a lot of courage to keep things clean in any design. 

So check out her site but enjoy the work here. I would buy any of these products simply because she has done such a wonderful job with the branding of each piece! Wonderful.

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