Monday Inspiration #6

I am sure that at least one of my wedding professional friends warned me about the overwhelming rush of work that has come upon me with such vengeance. I never expected to have this amount of work or thought I could do this amount of work. Not only is it the 5 weddings I am at some stage in but the corporate design work, the grad announcements, and the fact I have not even done any of my personal branding…ooo and did I mention I am getting married in 11 weeks…ha yeah what was I thinking. But for some reason this kind of heavy load is almost invigorating…well actually it is. haha…that is not something I would expect ever. 

Anyways, I am back at least for today and I apologize for not following in on my second Awesome Furniture Friday. I was very excited about that series so I will make sure to make up for it this week. I am hoping to be ahead in work by then, fingers crossed cause I have to put together things for a garage sale and help my fiance move in more to our place. 

But for this Monday Inspiration I had to put up the one thing that pulls my heart strings. This is truly something I look forward to being married is those golden years. There is a beauty in those people who have been married for all those years not only do they look so precious holding hands but it is the deep commitment they have to one another to be together through thick and thin for more than 50 years. That is probably the most inspiring thing I can ever think of. I think of how much I love Mike and think I know him but even tonight going grocery store I found out he likes yellow mustard. It seems dumb but when I look at a couple like Leo and Mary you know that they love each other more than the day they first fell in love not because of the chemistry or attraction but the deep understanding of each other and the years of breaking through those hard moments that come out of no where. It was those moments that made them truly fall in love deeper than the day before and that is what inspires me looking at them. It makes me so excited to begin this journey with Mike. I know together we can fight anything but I look forward to the other side of those hard times and knowing we are better for it. 

Photos are from the talented Mr. Jose Villa.

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