Monday Inspiration

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Whenever I am away from home too long I begin to miss the water. 

When I was in college my favorite part of coming home was driving over this one hill that gave the first view of all of Lake Michigan. It was always in that moment I felt I was really home and life was complete again. There is something about that water that speaks to me in a way nothing else can. It could be the many memories that have been had in, by, and around that water or simply the beauty it has on it’s own. 

So currently I am missing that water and looking forward to driving over that hill and seeing the water fresh, cool, and clear saying “come drink some wine and put your toes in me.” I love Texas but nothing has anything on Northern Michigan’s Summer. 

So here is to a Monday spent dreaming of paradise and enjoying every minute of it when we get home. 

Happy Monday friends! Off to shop and do dinner with friends today before leaving EARLY EARLY in the AM!

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