Monday Inspiration

Over the past few weeks some of the great business owners I work alongside with and I have been talking about the importance of branding and customer experience when owning your own company. So I have been noticing a lot of great of companies that are doing this for themselves and asking myself why is this working for them? As a business owner I am learning so much about how important it is to give your clients from the moment they show interest in your service. Every piece of your business from your first contact email to your final thank you after you finish your work with them. 

Many blogs have featured the work from Andy Luce’s Visual Armory. He does beautiful work that is individual and does it well. On top of doing great work for his clients he himself is giving that full experience to his clients and potential clients through his own packaging for mailings, business cards, and overall personal branding. It is beautiful and shows his clients clearly what he is about and gives nothing more and nothing less. You never want to promise your clients something that they won’t receive but at the same time you don’t want to appear that you are not worth what they are paying you by falling short in your own branding. You always want to keep your branding up to par with your product, service, or design. This can be hard when you are working on your own (like me) and are extremely busy keeping up with the clients you currently have. But if you do not keep your brand updated and progressive as your work progresses and your prices rise making those jumps will be difficult and it may mean you will lose work. Your branding if you clients first impression of your business and what they are paying for so it has to capture you and your service correctly.  

The other thing you must do is if you are working with other businesses for instance as a stationer I work with wedding planners and other wedding vendors, but I want to make sure that if I want to be working with the top notch in the area then I need to be prepared to be ready for the expectations the clients they may get and send my way. I want those potential clients to know that I am capable of the level of work they are looking for. 

In order to do all this you must analyze your business and who you are. You must ask where you see your company in 5 and even 10 years. You need goals and a plan and make sure you understand what you are selling. For me with Hitch I wanted it to capture who I was as a designer (fun, creative, versatile, hand made, personal, and tangible designs) but I wanted to make sure not to limit my clients because I love doing branding work for businesses and organizations, but wedding stationary is something I have fallen in love with. So to make sure I was walking that fine line between corporate work and personal work I chose fonts and colors that felt fun and could lean towards weddings and personal designs but also can be taken in a professional manner so  company could see me as someone who could design something fresh and attractive for their company. You also want to have a logo that can morph as your business morphs so you want something clean, simple, and classic but can be used in many different ways such as a button on a website, on a business card, a shirt, and any other possible place you can think of. This means that your logo should look good as a billboard size or as small as you can possibly imagine. 

That all being said I am personally still working on this and try to make time every week to work on my personal branding and if you are a small business owner and anything like me that is just what you have to do. 

So in honor of Monday Inspiration here is Andy Luce’s work and I hope this helps getting your wheels turning on your own branding.

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