Monday Inspiration #19

Last weekend we were up on Old Mission Penninsula getting a birthday dinner for my mom at the Jolly Pumpkin and I totally fell in love at first site with their own liquor bottle design. I knew they were joined with the very popular North Peak beer so it shouldn’t have surprised me when I saw the beautiful design on these bottles as well.
Now I am not a big fan of the Siren, Diabolical, or the Majestic at North Peak, but I have to saw I can’t get enough of these bottles. Upon digging deeper into solving the puzzle of what wonderful designers were working on this I discovered thanks to Lovely Package that the Neatly Trimmed Beard team did this wonderful work. 
After finding their sites I discovered they were doing other work for some of our local establishments in the area and also started piecing together why I liked certain logos and designs in town thanks to them. 

So today I am putting Neatly Trimmed Beard in the spotlight for inspiration and saying thank you for raising the standards of design in our area! 
Also if you want to see something very cool speaking of local….jump over to Simply Blue Weddings and see the Antique Apple Farm…SO VERY COOL! I want to visit and haven’t yet! 

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