Monday Inspiration #14

Ever since I was a little kid I have loved maps. I remember I had this puzzle of all the states in the US and I just loved putting that puzzle together and learning what made each state unique as far as what they produced and were known for. Each place offered a new adventure to me, something new to discover. 

As I grew older I have found that I have never lost interest in maps. Rather I have found that I love looking at old maps and new ones. There are some many places I dream of going to and I love to explore them from afar. The ideas of traveling and roads is so fun and exciting to me. 

So when I came across these unique maps for the cover of Knack Weekend magazine. I was smitten by the translation of these beautiful places into unique and one of a kind illustrated maps by Khuan+Ktron. I love the colors and all the rounded corners. These are true works of art. 

I knew I just had to share them on here for Monday Inspiration. 

PS. sorry I was not here Thursday and Friday I was off working an event and thought I would have internet available to me but it obviously was not the case considering I did not post either day. I will make up with a few extra posts this week. 

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