Mille Mitten 2014 – Detroit – Grand Rapids

Mille_Takeoff_CoverTo get a jump on Day 1, we started in Detroit at the Detroit Mercantile, headed west to Grand Rapids. Stayed up until 2am drinking craft beer. Got up at 7am. Went to Madcap. Heading North.IMGM2926 IMGM2928 IMGM2929IMGM2931 IMGM2932 IMGM2933 IMGM2934 IMGM2935 IMGM2937IMGM2941 IMGM2943 IMGM2946 IMGM2947 IMGM2951 IMGM2953 IMGM2955 IMGM2957 IMGM2962 IMGM2968 IMGM2969IMGM2973 IMGM2975

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