Megan Fancies

With the cool weather upon us all I can think about is big sweaters, fun scarves, and those MacAlister boots from Jcrew. It is all about getting cozy and snuggling in as it feels like winter is a short time away. I actually woke myself up because I was dreaming it snowed outside. This time of year in Northern Michigan this would not be out of the question. It happens. Secretly I am excited to come home from Europe in December and see piles of snow as I know this winter is going to be a snowy one. It is long overdue.

What are essentials for Fall right now? Is there any must have you have adding to your wardrobe to feel warmer and chicer this Fall?


1. Cable knit sweater from TopShop  2. Love Lock leather Bag from Madewell  3. Primitive Black Ceramic mug from Huzza  4. Blue Hand-dyed scarf from Terrain  5. Annie Leibovitz’s Pilgrimage from Anthropologie  6. Diamond Ankle Pants from Topshop  7. MacAlister boots from Jcrew  8. English Lavender Soap from Old Faithful Shop

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