McKay Wedding Invites

The reason I have slacked on postings is because Wedding Seasons is totally in full gear. You know that when you receive emails from your clients that are at the beginning and end of the season all in one day and your email box is more full of work emails than advertisements from Jcrew and Gap that things have hit critical mass. 

That being said on Monday I sent out a new design suite and I wanted to post it for you guys to see the comps I did. I am totally in love with Anne’s (the bride) ideas and cannot wait to finish this one and see it all come together. She loves the idea of fireflies and I cannot get over how cute that is. I already had her edits come in from the comps but they were so cute I had to show them anyways. I will continue to show the progression of where the design goes but enjoy these!

Also have to saw the color palette is so fun!! I love yellow as an accent and it seems to be pretty darn hott this year. 


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